Giant Freshwater Prawn

Divron operates a hatchery in Sri Lanka to produce the juveniles of the giant fresh water prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii), known as “post-larvae”. This species is indigenous to Sri Lanka. Divron carefully selects the parent stock from this natural population and breeds them to produce the young post-larvae. Each female produces 50,000 to 60,000 eggs. These eggs are hatched and the larvae are grown for 45-60 days in the hatchery tanks. Divron utilizes a natural process utilizing probiotics as well as natural feeds such as artemia and algae to grow healthy juveniles. The post-larvae are stocked in reservoirs all over Sri Lanka where our partner artisanal fisher communities care for and harvest them by traditional methods.


Divron operates a hatchery in Sri Lanka to produce high performing strains derived from the GIFT Strain (Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia) developed by the World Fish Center from a selective breeding program of Nile tilapia – Oreochromis niloticus. Divron’s red and black broodstock strains are carefully bred and the eggs hatched in specially designed jars. The hatched fry are sex-reversed to produce all-male fast growing stock. These can be acclimated to grow in a full range saline water.

Mud Crabs

Divron is undertaking research and development for a hatchery to produce juveniles of the Sri Lanka Mud Crab (Scylla serrata) in the near future.


Oysters and Clams

Divron works with coastal communities to develop oyster and clam farming using the natural productivity of the mangroves and lagoons to produce the juvenile oysters and clams. The oyster spat are collected on clay tiles shells or other collectors hung in the water near the oyster beds when they spawn and produce the “spat”.