Divron Bioventures was founded in 2015 by Dr. Tim DeJager and Mr. Shan Meemanage. It grew from the seeds of a project to develop a more sustainable and inclusive foundation for aquaculture in Sri Lanka, funded by the International Development Research Centre (Canada) and Global Affairs Canada. Dr. Tim DeJager was the Canadian project leader and aquaculture expert. Mr. Shan Meemanage joined the project as a private sector partner, commercializing and marketing the new production that resulted from the project. A key outcome of the project was the validation of a value chain model that incorporated and enhanced the social capacity of rural communities and integrated it together with the commercial and technical advancement of aquaculture. This became the vision for Divron Bioventures.

Dr. Tim Dejager brings over 17 years of experience in aquaculture in Canada, as business owner of a shellfish production company, and as consultant in research and development, training, and sustainability. Mr. Shan Meemanage brings over 25 years of experience in the ornamental fish industry and marketing and exporting of high quality seafood.

Divron also has an international advisory group that provides technical, scientific, and business guidance to the company.

Divron currently employs 15 staff at its hatchery and field operations with significant technical and operational experience in aquaculture hatcheries, nursery and grow out systems in Sri Lanka.

Divron works in close partnership with communities in a comprehensive way. Our strategy is to build a platform of opportunity and livelihood improvement with each partner community. Relationships are based on building a long-term market for the production through guaranteed purchasing and marketing, providing seed on a long-term basis for continuous stocking of reservoirs, and providing support to communities through technical training, and capacity enhancement. Divron works with communities in all areas of the country but is placing special emphasis on underdeveloped areas of the Northern and Eastern Provinces
Divron work with the community in sri lankan seafood marke

Divron Bioventures works closely with government agencies, including the National Aquaculture Development Agency (NAQDA), the National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA), Ministry, Department of Agrarian Development, Department of Irrigation and Provincial Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries. We collaborate on research for improving livelihoods, sustainability, productivity, aquatic health, and food safety. We work together with government field staff to provide technical training and resource management.

Divron Bioventures also partners with Non-Government Organizations to collaborate on economic development for poor and marginalized communities, and ensure aquaculture becomes a viable, sustainable, and equitable opportunity. Building capacity and structures to engage successfully in business, strengthening community participation in natural resource management, and improving health, education, and welfare are all integral to building the aquaculture opportunity in partnership in Sri Lanka.

Divron is currently supported by Market Development Facility (MDF) in Sri Lanka. MDF is a multi-country private sector development program funded by the Australian Government, currently operating in Fiji, Timor-Leste, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea. The private sector is the engine of economic growth. MDF supports businesses with innovative ideas, investment and regulatory reform that will increase business performance, stimulate economic growth and ultimately provide benefits for the poor – as workers, producers, and consumers.

Divron work with the community in sri lankan seafood marke